The differences between fine glitter and chunky glitter

The differences between fine glitter and chunky glitter

I still remember the day ,when the first I become the seller of glitter ,I meet some questions.

Glitter powder,fine glitter,chunky glitter,what is the differences?I checked on google but no one replys.

Time flys,as I touch people and productions,glitter powders  throughout the month, I accumulate knowledges on my hands.

So in this article I have compiled some of the more common abbreviations and size terms of glitter powder for reference,please check the file blow:

  Size Inches METRIC  LIKE
standard 008 0.008 inches,1/128 200 microns,0.2mm fine craft glitter
Ultra fine 004 0.004 inches,1/256 100 microns,0.1mm powder
Fine 006 0.006 inches,1/170 150 microns,0.15mm sand
Chunky 015 0.015 inches,1/64 375 microns,0.375mm standard craft glitter
Super chunky 040 0.040 inches,1/24 1mm cress seeds
Super duper chunky 094 0.094 inches,1/10 2.5mm small fish scales

See?For example,chunky glitter usually represents glitter powder for size 0.375mm,and fine glitter is represented for 0.15mm,similar volumetric weight to sugar.

We can produced glitter powder in all the size above,so please dont ask a question like:Do you have chunky glitter?

Of course we have.We have all the sizes you need.Trust me,we can send all the samples you need.


    The above picture is chunky glitter,kinds of like cress seeds,hmm.


The above picture is fine glitter,kinds of a powder.


Now you will know the sizes of the glitter powder,hope you can enjoy.

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