What is embossing powder?

  What is embossing powder?

Embossing powder is a kind of powder made of a special kind of plastic which will can be melted and run together when heated by using a heat tool.

The content of the powder is still a kind of business secret but we can share some of the content :

There are 90% something like  hexamethylenediamine and stearic acid , around 10 % of Titanium and 5% Calcium carbonate,also mixed with some mica too.

embossing kit

 How to use the embossing powder?

First we need a professinal heat tool :

110V/220V depend on your country ,300w,the temperature can be 120 degree ,120degree is the most adjustable for embossing powder .

First we need heat the embossing powder (you can see our artical how to use heat tool,this artical talked about the heat tool very very deatiled)

Then you can see  the powder will become a solid mass of color lines or shapes, etc that is smooth and hard.

The powder is initially put in the desired by applying an adhesive, such as glycerin, before melting.
Embossing powder is often used by commercial printers in order to make the familiar raised-lettering and images commonly found on business cards and stationery, social announcements, and greeting cards. Crafters and artists like to use the many-hued powders to create images in the rubber stamping and artistic projects so popular with scrapbookers and memory makers. What’s more,the powders can also be used to create fine art and enamel-like finishes on a variety of surfaces, making this a versatile and exciting medium for all manner of creativity.
Hope you can having fun with our embossing powder.

Why we recommend embossing powder in your business?

1.There are more than 20 colours of embossing powder,you can choose 3~8colours in a kit.Compared to glitter powder,more than 200 colours.

2.You can sell embossing pen,ink pad and heat tool too.

3.The lead time is less than glitter powder.Think about it,the glitter shakers need cutting,producing and packing.

Embossing powder just need packing .(we had produced the powder already)

More information please contact info@fineglitterpowder.com


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