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Here is Fineglitterpowder, thanks to visit our website, hope you will enjoy our productions. We are the manufacturer of glitter powder and embossing powder, which pay a lot of attention on quality, innovation and customer service. We can provide more than 200 colours while any colour can be customized. What’s more,our customers can private package and label.

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We produce glitter powder, embossing powder and pearl powder, wish to bring happiness to the world and help our customers to expand their business. We are the best glitter powder supplier in China, you can get wholesale glitter powder in lowest cost from here, because we are the direct glitter powder manufacturer.

Glitter powder:
Glitter, also known as glitter powder, is made by electroplating and precision cutting of PET, PVC and plants (biodegradable glitter)film materials of extremely high precise brightness.

Nowadays,PVC has been eliminated and what’s more, bio-glitter is more and more popular now.

The particle size of glitter powder can be produced from 0.004mm-3.0mm. The shape of the glitter powder can be produced into quadrangle, hexagon, rectangle, prism, star, irregular, strip, square, round, triangle, prismatic, moon, heart, cross, plum, butterfly, rabbit, apple, clover, starlight, diamonds, square, mickey etc.

Glitter powder can be divided into many series based on the original film.Polyester glitter uses the original film, laser glitter used laser film and rainbow glitter uses colorful film. For degradable glitter, we use eucalyptus film.

As a beautiful material with an unique affection, glitter powder is widely used for Christmas, Halloween, candle craft, cosemtics, screen printing industry including clothing, leather, shoe-making and new year painting ,decoration materials(glass art productions, glasses, crystal graph, crystal ball), painting decoration, urniture spray painting, packaging, Christmas gift, toy pen and other fields.

Glitter powder is able to enhance the visual effect of the productions because of its’ shinny characteristics. Otherwise, glitter is often used for cosmetics such as face painting, tatoos ,nail polish and body. The application of glitter powder will be more and more extensive.

How to know the good quality of glitter powder?

1. High brightness: you can see the surface brightness, with high flash, high brightness and obvious mirror effect.

2. Shape : you can see under the microscope. The shape of the powder is in standard and all in the hexagonal shape.

3. Strong acid-base resistance: the glitter powder(solvent resistance series glitter) can be soaked for a long time in the liquid within strong acid and strong alkali.

4. High temperature resistance: no fading even in high temperature environment

Let’s see the process of glitter powder.
Step1: original film
Step2: plating
Step3: Coated printing
Step4: high temperature curing
Step5: slitting
Step6: cutting
Step7: sieving
Step8: packing

Embossing powder:

Embossing powder is very popular among children, can be used with embossing pen.

First, we use a embossing pen to write on a paper what you like.

Second, we put the embossing powder on the ink and remove the redundant embossing powder.

Last, we use a heat tool such as heat gun to heat.

Easy but beautiful, the embossing powder shows a embossed effect, widely used in greeting card, written, printing boxes and other post-screen printing processing printing, clothing printing, wallpaper decoration, printing ink and so on!

Pearl powder:

Pearl powder is high temperature resistance, light, acid and alkali, non-spontaneous combustion, non-combustion, non-conductive, non-migration, meeting the different needs of coating, plastics, ink, leather, printing and dyeing, rubber, paper, cosmetics and other industries.

We would like to introduce pearl powder and cosmetic grade biodegradable glitter together, hope you can like them, they are good partners.