luminous powder

The application of luminous pigment/glow in the dark powder

The noctilucent powder can be used for weak lighting light source because of the light-emitting characteristics in people’s life.
It can spread the material on the aircraft instruments, clocks, windows, machines, all kinds of switches, the place such as door handles, also can be used for all kinds of transparent plastic such as various of pressed symbols, parts, supplies, such as the power switch, socket, fish hook, etc.)

Also there are some important applications for glow in the dark pigment for example such as the noctilucent textiles for the children can reduce traffic accidents or the safe exit.

As luminous powder in the handicraft industry such as DIY glitter powder and the application of the toy industry, more and more customers start using luminous powder to change the performance of their products, but there are many features of luminous powder itself most customers don’t know, now there are many kinds of luminous powder on the market, the quality is not the only differences, the price also has the very big difference, many customers will be very hard to get their desired luminous powder.


luminous powder(the colours of glow in the dark powder)

luminous powder(the colours of glow in the dark powder while glowing)

The so-called luminous 10 hours and 20 hours are only theoretical test results, but the actual effect is different.

There are many  articles which  said the problem of the response time of the suction light.For the application of the toy industry is particularly not important in arts and crafts.But for the sign indicating industry such as light-emitting time is important, so I hope  that our customers can know better about the glow in the drak powder when selecting the luminous powder.

I have attached the colours we use most and the glow colours after absorting the light,I hope you can love our productions.

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