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We are the manufacturer of glitter powder ,embossing powder and pearl powder, which pay a lot of attention on quality, innovation and customer service. We can provide more than 200 colours while any colour can be customized. What’s more, our customers can private package and label.

We are the earliest company which have jumped into business of biodegradable glitter. Our bio glitter is primarily made from plants such as eucalyptus trees. There are non-toxic ingredients which coat the cellulose and make it shiny. The best thing of using bio glitter instead of plastic glitter is that it is completely compostable.The degradable glitter we produced is exceptionally brilliant, non-toxic, environment friendly and highly reflective. What’s more,we have more than 200 colors of bio-glitter for you while you can have you own colour if you need.

We can produce colourful series and rainbow series so far but we will keep innovation because innovation is the soul of a company.

We are still looking for wholesale and distributors of the biodegradable glitter. We hope we can bring happiness to the children in the whole world while we can protect the planet.

Quality first, reputation above all.