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What is embossing powder and how to use embossing powder?

What is embossing powder? Embossing powder is a kind of very special powder that can be heated ,melted, after been heated, melts ,it will form an embossed (or raised) surface. It is often called thermal imaging or thermal printing. The embossing powder will show a kind of embossed images,card makers are always impressed by heat embossing. ———————————————————————————— How […]

Biodegradable GLitter Frequently Asked Questions

What is BIodegradable Glitter made from? Biodegradable Glitter is made from a special biodegradable film name eucalyptus trees which is derived from sustainable and environmentally sourced raw materials. How long does it take for Biodegradable Glitter to biodegrade? Rate of biodegradation is dependent upon composting conditions. The biodegradable film is accredited according to the standards referred to in the previous […]

What is embossing powder?

  What is embossing powder? Embossing powder is a kind of powder made of a special kind of plastic which will can be melted and run together when heated by using a heat tool. The content of the powder is still a kind of business secret but we can share some of the content : There are 90% something like  hexamethylenediamine and stearic acid , around 10 % of Titanium and 5% Calcium carbonate,also mixed with some mica too.  How to use the […]

the future of embossing powder

We have talked about the future of glitter shaker before and I want to introduce embossing powder this time and give some thoughts of the future of embossing powder. As we all know,the embossing powder is very popular and especially a good choice for get back to school among the children. We have meet and […]

The future of glitter shaker

Today is Christmas day,we are constantly striving to improve the quality of life for millions across more than 100 countries where our products are distributed. We wish you peace and prosperity in the new year! Wishing you all a very  Merry Christmas & a  Happy New Year   Today I want to talk about the future of […]

What is a real biodegradable bag?

What is a real biodegradable bag? A few days ago,one of my customer ask me for some biodegradable glitter,also she wants package in biodegradable bags. Because she thought biodegradable bags would be PERFECT!I cant agree more. We never use biodegradable bags before but what my job is to solve problem for our customer. I checked […]

Questions about biodegradable glitter

I have got some questions about biodegradable glitter for our customers,so I answer here: 1.Can you provide Holographic glitter in biodegradable ?Can you provide iridescent glitter in biodegradable? Before answering these questions,I would like to introduce you the processing of glitter powder,then you will know the answer. We will talk the most hot productions:metallic glitter,holographic glitter […]

The way to use a heat tool

First we must know   THE HEAT TOOL IS NOT A TOY.KEEP IT OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN.   You can use a heat gun for things below:   – Stamps – Scrapbooking – Cards – Home Decor – Embellishments – Jewellery – Mixed Media – 3-D paint &shrinking plastic – Much more…. This […]

The future of glitter powder

Today I want to talk about the future of the glitter powder. Before talk about the future of glitter powder,we must know the history of glitter powder: 1.In 1934,thanks to the father of glitter powder,in New Jersey,a Machinist named Henry Ruschmann of Bernardsville, invents a new way to grind up plastics to make large quantities […]