Aluminum glitter, also known as aluminum shiny flakes, uses the aluminum metal film with high flatness as a base, the surface is covered and crossly with an epoxy layer by the high-temperature heat-drying coating machine, made in different colors by needs. The printed film is cut by the accurate machine and be the same size of glitter flake.

The aluminum glitter we produced is from 100% pure aluminum foil which is highly reflective in nature and can withstand temperatures up to 280, equals to 550 F, hence giving optimum brilliance without compromising the temperature constraint. Available in stunning colors and sizes. Aluminum glitter is usually used where high temperature materials substrates such as plastics are mixed with glitter for brilliant effect also known as granite effect and salt n Pepper effect in the finished production.

aluminum green glitter
aluminum black glitter
aluminum gold glitter
Aluminum red glitter
aluminum blue glitter
aluminum glitter