Polyester series glitter, also know as metallic glitter, formed by imported PET film, treated by vacuum plating, high temperature coloring, machinery precise cutting in order.

Polyester series id the most widely used glitter powder, it is extremely lightweight because it is created by metalizing polyester films with pure aluminum .

From using the thinnest 38u micron polyester film up to 150u microns thickness. The result is absolutely stunning and bright. The most popular applications are  crafts, cosmetics, precision coatings, festive rides, wall paper, textile printing, shoes, bags, plastics, paints, ceasar stone, and several more and available in several colors, sizes and thicknesses.

green glitter
copper bronze glitter
red glitter
gold glitter
silver glitter
blue glitter
purple glitter
pink glitter
black glitter
white glitter