Biodegradable Glitter

Biodegradable GLitter Frequently Asked Questions

What is BIodegradable Glitter made from?

Biodegradable Glitter is made from a special biodegradable film name eucalyptus trees which is derived from sustainable and environmentally sourced raw materials.

Bio Glitter

Bio Glitter

Biodegradable Glitter

Biodegradable Glitter

How long does it take for Biodegradable Glitter to biodegrade?

Rate of biodegradation is dependent upon composting conditions. The biodegradable film is accredited according to the standards referred to in the previous FAQ.

BS EN13432:2000 Requirements for composting and biodegradable recyclable packaging test scheme and evaluation criteria for final acceptance of packaging(reference to standard:iso 14855-1:2005,IDT)

EN13432:2000 standard requires more than 90% within 180 days while our testing report of biodegradable glitter shows more than 91%within 95 days.

But this is just for labs,for the environment it usually takes 6month to degrade.

Will bio glitter biodegrade in sea water?



Natural Environments e (representative f of l natural l environmental conditions)

  • Home Composting – OK Compost Home
  • Soil and Waster Water Biodegradability – – OK Soil & ISO15985
  • Fresh Water Biodegradability – ISO14851
  • Marine Biodegradability – ASTM D6601-09 (the only test method that remains from the ASTM D7081

standard that was removed 2014)

Is Biodegradable Glitter suitable for vegetarians and vegans?


Is Biodegradable Glitter free of the 14 common food allergens?


Which conditions are required for biodegradation to occur?

Heat, water and oxygen are required for effective biodegradation by microorganisms. Biodegradable plastics are metabolised by micro-organisms which transform the bioplastic product into carbon dioxide, water and biomass.

Please keep them in some airtight containers.

Will Biodegradable Glitter biodegrade on the shelf in dry form?

Biodegradable glitter is very stable and will not biodegrade on the shelf. Biodegradation will only be initiated in a soil, compost or waste-water environment where micro-organisms are present.Our original biodegrade in the raining days so please keep them dry.

Can Biodegradable Glitter be recycled with paper or board?

It can be successfully recycled with carton-board but not currently recommended for mechanical recycling with paper.

Can Biodegradable Glitter be incinerated?


Q: How to identify the biodegradable glitter?

Many stories are supposed to be biodegradable, however they have all been polyester with a marketing message that it biodegrades. Which is not wrong… It just takes a few hundred years and is not really in the spirit of what biodegradability is all about!

There is a very simple test to see if your bioglitter is truly biodegradable!

First way is a little funny but it’s a very effective test; we just burn the bio glitter.

All other glitters, PET, Holographic PET, Iridescent glitter will smell like plastic.

What about PLA?Heat the glitter up on tin foil with a naked flame from beneath.

Melt, produce synthetic-smelling smoke, and when cool, it remains stuck to the foil.


Biodegradable Glitter will smell like paper.

Another way is to put the glitter in the sand for 1 month,you can very clearly the glitter degrade.

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The future of glitter shaker

Today is Christmas day,we are constantly striving to improve the quality of life for millions across more than 100 countries where our products are distributed.

We wish you peace and prosperity in the new year!

Wishing you all a very  Merry Christmas & a  Happy New Year


Today I want to talk about the future of glitter shakers.(I think this artical is also suitable for some other productions such as glitter glue,glitter paper even though can expand to many product types )

First of all,I want to introduce the glitter shaker.Glitter shaker is very popular among the children especially in Europe and American.It is wildly seen in Walmart Target and so on.

The most popular sizes of glitter shakers are 0.75oz(3/4 oz) glitter,2oz glitter,4oz glitter,7oz glitter 16oz glitter(1 lb oz) and some assorted glitter shakers.

The glitter usually package in recyclable plastic bottles which the top cover can open very easily.The advantage is the plastic glitter is glass and metal free and wont fade and tarnish.What’s more,the technology of PET glitter is very

With smart designers, the PET glitter nowadays are in advanced arts, ideas and technologies, OEM is very popular for our customers.

Otherwise,due to those advantages, the glitter shakers are in good quality and can delivery  in time.

So the following are the advantages of PET glitter:

  1. Low price
  2. High quality
  3. Many colours and sizes are acceptable
  4. Own designs are available
  5. Fast in delivery
  6. Low MOQ
  7. Package in recyclable bottles,Aluminum pots,glass bottles or plastic bags

glitter shakers

Secondly,I want to say something about the disadvantages of the glitter shakers.

  1. Becauseof the advantages of economic globalization ,more and more retailers are able and very easy to purchase glitter shakers from Chinese factories,the retailers can have low MOQ for the glitter shakers in a very good price, in particular, would be a huge shock to the

In other words,it will be harder and harder to do the business for the distributors and wholesales.

  1. More and more people are focused on the microbeans,many
    scientists found plastic in the body of birds and fishes or ever human beings.No one can escape from the pollution of plastic!In UK,there is a banning on plastic glitter including PET glitter in schools and nurseries because of the polluting the water oceans etc.


Thirdly,I’d like to say the advantages and disadvantages of biodegradable glitter.

The advantages are very clear,you have have the same fun just like the PET glitter.

Otherwise,the bio glitter is more soft than the plastic glitter because the glitter is made from plants.

Also it is a great chance for the customers to break into the market.

In addition to that, we have some new package for the biodegradable glitter,this is biodegradable bags made from corn starch.

This is revelution of glitter shakers,we are trying to invent a kind of biodegradable jars,maybe we can see them in the future.

The negative aspects of biodegradable glitter are also very apparent. The price is much higher than the PET glitter and the holographic and iridescent colours are not available now.



I want give a wild assumption, but it’s fun to make, because I know pretty well.

  1. Biodegradable glitter shakers will be popular in the next 5 years
  2. The price of bio glitter will be lower and lower with technology progress
  3. The most popular sizes of glitter shakers will be smaller than the PET glitter shaker,for example: 3g assorted,5g assorted ,0.75oz assorted or 2oz assorted.
  4. The market is changing,it is a great chanllenge but also a chance for our customers.Seize thechance,otherwise you will regret it.biodegradable bags(THIS is biodegradable bags,heat sealed on the top,5g per bag)

For more information,please contact

We are manufacturer of biodegradable glitter in China and we are still looking for distributors ,importers and wholesalers for our bio glitter.



What is a real biodegradable bag?

What is a real biodegradable bag?

A few days ago,one of my customer ask me for some biodegradable glitter,also she wants package in biodegradable bags.

Because she thought biodegradable bags would be PERFECT!I cant agree more.

We never use biodegradable bags before but what my job is to solve problem for our customer.

I checked on google and found some materials for biodegradable bags:

EPI and D2w,the most two hot “biodegradable bags” now,why there is a double quotation marks here?


1.We must know how does these two to make a bag degradable:

For example:usually we use PE to make a plastic bag.But now,we only need to mix some EPI or D2W material into the PE material.Both D2W and EPI are biodegradable. The addition proportion of D2W and EPI is 1% to 3% .


2.The reason why they can be degradable:

EPI formulations catalyze or accelerate this reaction and increase the rate of the degradation by several orders of magnitude – i.e. 100’s to 1000’s of times faster, making plastic incorporated products degrade and physically disintegrate within a few weeks to 1-2 years, depending on the formulation and the disposal environment.

That is to say:The plastic bags degradable into very very small pieces!!!



  1. Lets see a news:

Spain, from January 1, 2018, forbidden on free polluting biodegradable plastic bags.

The Spanish legislation listed bags that can be oxidized, photochemically degraded, hydrated and thermally degraded as the most polluting bags (D2W/EPI biodegradable plastic, pseudo biodegradable, as the most polluting), and the recycling rate of such disposable plastic bags is only 10 percent.


4.So What is a real biodegradable bag?

I dont  think epi or d2w is suitable for our customer even though I quoted her the price of d2w.I checked many information and found an new material:PLA.

What is PLA?

PLA is a new kind of biodegradable material, which is made from starch from renewable plant resources (such as corn, cassava, etc.).

Starch raw material is glycosylated to obtain glucose, which is then fermented into lactic acid with high purity by glucose and certain bacteria species, and then polylactic acid with certain molecular weight is synthesized by chemical synthesis method.

It has good biodegradability. After being used, it can be completely degraded by microorganisms in nature under specific conditions and eventually generate carbon dioxide and water without polluting the environment. This is very beneficial to environmental protection and is recognized as an environmentally friendly material.

I changed into PLA even though we lost some money.



5.What about your biodegradable glitter??

Our biodegradable glitter is made from eucalyptus trees,which is can be compostable.

We are the first batch company who can provide biodegradable glitter and package in biodegradable bags!!

Find us on





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Questions about biodegradable glitter

I have got some questions about biodegradable glitter for our customers,so I answer here:

1.Can you provide Holographic glitter in biodegradable ?Can you provide iridescent glitter in biodegradable?

Before answering these questions,I would like to introduce you the processing of glitter powder,then you will know the answer.

We will talk the most hot productions:metallic glitter,holographic glitter and iridescent glitter for example:

Metallic glitter:

Production Process

  1. PET original film
  2. Plating
  3. Coated printing
  4. High temperature curing
  5. Slitting
  6. Cutting
  7. Sieving
  8. Packing


For holographic glitter:

Production Process

  1. Holographic original film
  2. Plating
  3. Coated printing
  4. High temperature curing
  5. Slitting
  6. Cutting
  7. Sieving
  8. Packing


For iridescent glitter:

Production Process

  1. White original film
  2. Coated rainbow film(Red ,Violet or Gold)
  3. 3. Coated printing
  4. 4. High temperature curing
  5. 5. Slitting
  6. 6. Cutting
  7. 7. Sieving
  8. 8. Packing

Can you see the differences?

The difference is the film we use.

The plant cellulose is dyed and then covered with the tiniest amount of aluminium in order to give it it’s shine.

For now we can replace the original film into biodegradable film,but for holographic film and rainbow film,we still need our partners to help us on invention.

In summary:What we can produce now is metallic bio glitter and single colour biodegradable glitter now.

2.What is biodegradable glitter made from?

All of our biodegradable glitter are made mainly from a plant cellulose instead of PET/PVC plastic. The main ingredient is Eucalyptus Trees from sustainably farmed non-GMO plantations.


Ingredients:  Cellulose, Glycerin, Aqua, Urea, Styrene/Acrylate Copolymer, dyer

3. What can it be used for?

We have two kinds of biodegradable glitter now ,one if craft biodegradable glitter and the other is cosmetics biodegradable glitter.

Our glitter can be used for cosmetic or for crafts. It has been used in bath bombs, soaps and by schools.

As it is made from plants ,it can not be resistant to some solvents so it doesn’t always work with nail applications. However, we can send you samples on the site for you to purchase some glitter and see if it works for your project.

4.How long does it take to biodegrade?

The time taken for the glitter to biodegrade depends on a number of conditions. For example,70% degradable in the lab.But in the enviroment,the water, warmth and micro-organisms are all present and then the rate will be faster. The biodegradable glitter is home compostable and the best place for it is in soil as all the ingredients are present.

5.Concerns around aluminium?

Aluminium is the most abundant metal in the Earths crust, however some people concerns over its use in glitter. The amount of aluminium used is really very small, about 0.1%. It is the tiniest layer in order to give the glitter some shine and PET/PVC based glitter use aluminium too for adding an extra layer of shine.


There is a misconception that aluminium has been linked with Breast Cancer, however according to there has been no scientific evidence to prove this.

If you really feel worry about the aluminium,we still have single colours for you!!

For more questions,please contact us!!!

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