Why some customers choose biodegradable glitter without aluminum?

Days ago,one of my customer asked me if we have biodegradable glitter without aluminum.

The answer is definitely yes,but why they prefer bio-glitter without aluminum?

Here are the answers from my customer:

I’m looking for 100% biodegradable glitter. Since aluminum is not biodegradable but rather oxidizes, I would like to not use aluminum. I know it makes glitter shiny though.

As we all know the processing of the bio-glitter,the glitter will be coated by aluminum to make it more shinny,kind of metallic lustre,that’s why we also call them metallic glitter.

(You can see the process page of our website )

If you do not prefer the aluminum for PET glitter,we will use different original film such as laser film or colourful film.Yes,that’s laser series and rainbow series.

For bio glitter,how do we to make it shinny?Laser film and colourful film are kinds of PET,can not degradable in nature,so we must use different dyer.But still not as shinny as the metallic glitter.


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