biodegradable purple glitter

What should we know before you choose biodegradable glitter?

Before start this topic,let’s see a conversation from our customer.
She decided to buy bio glitter from another supplier because our price is higher.I just told her this is for cosmetics grade bio-glitter,bio-glitter is cheaper.
Then she realised that she did not tell them what she need is cosmetic grade,let’s see what she said:
Yes you are correct, the other company is not cosmetic grade. I’m glad I checked or our company would be in big trouble. Thank you for clarifying this for us. Please send over an invoice so we can get shipment soon.

So before asking me the price of bio-glitter,you should know what you need now:
bio-glitter or cosmetics grade bioglitter,it’s not the same.The differences is the dyer we use is different.
Hope this topic can help you to double check the production you need.

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