the future of embossing powder

We have talked about the future of glitter shaker before and I want to introduce embossing powder this time and give some thoughts of the future of embossing powder.

As we all know,the embossing powder is very popular and especially a good choice for get back to school among the children.

We have meet and design many kinds of types of embossing powder,let me talk some famous designs and share with you.

These are some designs we used most,and I want to talk about some of my opinions:

1st, our customers like to mix the embossing powder and the glitter powder,and after heat sealed,the embossing powder show more shinny than only just embossing powder.

Have you ever try this before?

I think most people never use like this,this will help children a

Will you like this way?Also you can choose mix or just embossing powder for both?



2nd,our customers like to use kit like a pen and a kind of embossing powder and it is most hot now.


I think we can do some kits 2~3 kinds of embossing powder.

People always like more colours than a single colour.


3rd,the most hot is 10ml,5g per jar,and it is always because it is affordable.


4th,I also recommend a kit like a pen,an ink pad and 8 colours of embossing powder :


5th,if I could design,I will probably try kit like a pen and 3 colours in a card board,and that cost would be very high and can sell in a very good price.


In summary,the future of embossing powder is changing and towards multi colours but in a small jar or pot(10ml will be still popular).

And cardboard is still be famous with the embossing powder and will be easy to sell.

Btw,we are looking for our distributors of embossing powder,ink pad and heat tool,heat gun.

THanks for viewing.


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