What is embossing powder and how to use embossing powder?

What is embossing powder?

Embossing powder is a kind of very special powder that can be heated ,melted, after been heated, melts ,it will form an embossed (or raised) surface.

It is often called thermal imaging or thermal printing.

The embossing powder will show a kind of embossed images,card makers are always impressed by heat embossing.


How to use embossing powder?


  1. First step,we need prepare the followings:

An embossing pen or stamp with an ink pad,

Embossing powder in any colours you want.

Heat tool or heat gun.

  1. Second,use the embossing pen to draw a picture or articals you want,also we can use a stamp with the ink pad.
  2. Third,the ink will stick on the paper.
  3. Fourth,we spray the embossing powder on the paper,then collect the redundance powder.
  4. Fifth:Use the heat tool or heat gun to heat .
  5. Close the heat tool and then you can see the embossed surface.


The Ink of the embossing pen or ink pad is coated with a thermoplastic polymer called embossing powder,the kind of inks that are on the thick and sticky side so the embossing powders can stick to them.

Tips: The ink is oil-based ,so it wont dry if the pen or pad under opened.

Choose the right heat tool,it must need with fuse protective.

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