heat embossing powder

How to heat embossing powder with a heat tool?

Hi Guys,it is my great honor to introduce the way we use heat a heat gun.

First of all,here are some tips for embossing powder

  1. Embossing powder can be used for coated or uncoated papaer and vellum.
  2. Heat time usually takes 20 to 30 seconds (depands on the amount of embossing powder)while using a embossing heat tool,we will heat the embossing powder untill melted.
  3. We need a heat gun like ours (Wattage: 360 WattsTemperature Range: up to 650°F ,343°C)
  4. Caution:Do not use a hair dryer,why?  It is because hair dryers are not suitable to heat the embossing powder as the temperature is too low(120°C is the best temperature) and the air flow is too strong.
  5. Caution:Do not to emboss on textiles,will burn into fire.
  6. Caution:Be careful when using and putting the heat tool,very hot,may burns and scald,do not over heat the embossing powder.
  7. Caution:be careful the voltage of heat gun(110V or 220V,choose the right one)


Secondly,things we need to prepared:

Embossing powder,embossing pen or stamp with a ink pad and a heat gun.Also we need a happy face,:).

Thirdly,the steps:

  1. Stamped or use a embossing pen to drawn image.

  1. Sprinkle the embossing powder on the images.Be quick while the ink is still wet.

embossing powder

  1. Return the excess powder back to the pot, be careful do not mix any dirty.
  2. Heat the embossing powder ,be careful it is very hot

heat embossing powder

5.Finished,put the heat tool far way from you.


How many colours do we have now?

There is two kinds of embossing powder:

Transparent type and Opaque type.

ultra fine transparent
solid silver
solid gold
solid copper
ultra fine white
solid white
ultra fine black
solid black
solid red
solid blue
solid green
solid yellow
pearl blue
pearl green
villiage green
epaulette blue
grand violet
solid violet
Agate green
solid copper
ultra fine candy red
ultra fine candy blue
ultra fine pink

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