How many sizes can we choose for glitter powder?

How many sizes can we choose for glitter powder?

For glitter powder made of PET,we can provide 0.05mm(1/500’’,also 002’’)~2.5mm(1/10’’,also 0.1’’).

At least 13 sizes you can choose.

What about the price?

Usually the price of 0.2mm~2.5mm are the same,for 0.05mm-0.15mm,the price is much higher than before.


The efficient will be much lower for the cutting machine.


For glitter powder made from plants,we can provide 0.2mm(1/128’’,also 008’’)~2.5mm(1/10’’,also 0.1’’).

Why we cant cut the biodegradable glitter into smaller pieces?

This is because the cellulose of the bio-glitter is very to broke,that’s also why the price of the bio-glitter is much higher the PET glitter powder.





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