We are very glad to show the tips of the glitter powder and embossing powder.

heat embossing powder

How to heat embossing powder with a heat tool?

Hi Guys,it is my great honor to introduce the way we use heat a heat gun.

First of all,here are some tips for embossing powder

  1. Embossing powder can be used for coated or uncoated papaer and vellum.
  2. Heat time usually takes 20 to 30 seconds (depands on the amount of embossing powder)while using a embossing heat tool,we will heat the embossing powder untill melted.
  3. We need a heat gun like ours (Wattage: 360 WattsTemperature Range: up to 650°F ,343°C)
  4. Caution:Do not use a hair dryer,why?  It is because hair dryers are not suitable to heat the embossing powder as the temperature is too low(120°C is the best temperature) and the air flow is too strong.
  5. Caution:Do not to emboss on textiles,will burn into fire.
  6. Caution:Be careful when using and putting the heat tool,very hot,may burns and scald,do not over heat the embossing powder.
  7. Caution:be careful the voltage of heat gun(110V or 220V,choose the right one)


Secondly,things we need to prepared:

Embossing powder,embossing pen or stamp with a ink pad and a heat gun.Also we need a happy face,:).

Thirdly,the steps:

  1. Stamped or use a embossing pen to drawn image.

  1. Sprinkle the embossing powder on the images.Be quick while the ink is still wet.

embossing powder

  1. Return the excess powder back to the pot, be careful do not mix any dirty.
  2. Heat the embossing powder ,be careful it is very hot

heat embossing powder

5.Finished,put the heat tool far way from you.


How many colours do we have now?

There is two kinds of embossing powder:

Transparent type and Opaque type.

ultra fine transparent
solid silver
solid gold
solid copper
ultra fine white
solid white
ultra fine black
solid black
solid red
solid blue
solid green
solid yellow
pearl blue
pearl green
villiage green
epaulette blue
grand violet
solid violet
Agate green
solid copper
ultra fine candy red
ultra fine candy blue
ultra fine pink

The differences between fine glitter and chunky glitter

The differences between fine glitter and chunky glitter

I still remember the day ,when the first I become the seller of glitter ,I meet some questions.

Glitter powder,fine glitter,chunky glitter,what is the differences?I checked on google but no one replys.

Time flys,as I touch people and productions,glitter powders  throughout the month, I accumulate knowledges on my hands.

So in this article I have compiled some of the more common abbreviations and size terms of glitter powder for reference,please check the file blow:

  Size Inches METRIC  LIKE
standard 008 0.008 inches,1/128 200 microns,0.2mm fine craft glitter
Ultra fine 004 0.004 inches,1/256 100 microns,0.1mm powder
Fine 006 0.006 inches,1/170 150 microns,0.15mm sand
Chunky 015 0.015 inches,1/64 375 microns,0.375mm standard craft glitter
Super chunky 040 0.040 inches,1/24 1mm cress seeds
Super duper chunky 094 0.094 inches,1/10 2.5mm small fish scales

See?For example,chunky glitter usually represents glitter powder for size 0.375mm,and fine glitter is represented for 0.15mm,similar volumetric weight to sugar.

We can produced glitter powder in all the size above,so please dont ask a question like:Do you have chunky glitter?

Of course we have.We have all the sizes you need.Trust me,we can send all the samples you need.


    The above picture is chunky glitter,kinds of like cress seeds,hmm.

The above picture is fine glitter,kinds of a powder.


Now you will know the sizes of the glitter powder,hope you can enjoy.

Thanks for visiting.




Why the price of degradable glitter is very high?

Yesterday I meet a customer in UK,he is very interested in bio-glitter.

We talked about the price and he is very confused why the price is much higher than PET glitter.

So why the price is higher?

First,the price of the orginal film of the bio-glitter is much higher than plastic.

Second,the orignal film of the glitter is different,made from plants,is very easy to tear apart when you are producing,so we need more materials and more labour than usual.

Third,we pay a lot of money and energy on invention,that is a kind of cost too.

Fourth,the demand of the bio-glitter is much less than PET glitter now.

In summary,the price will be lower since we have large orders.


biodegradable purple glitter

What should we know before you choose biodegradable glitter?

Before start this topic,let’s see a conversation from our customer.
She decided to buy bio glitter from another supplier because our price is higher.I just told her this is for cosmetics grade bio-glitter,bio-glitter is cheaper.
Then she realised that she did not tell them what she need is cosmetic grade,let’s see what she said:
Yes you are correct, the other company is not cosmetic grade. I’m glad I checked or our company would be in big trouble. Thank you for clarifying this for us. Please send over an invoice so we can get shipment soon.

So before asking me the price of bio-glitter,you should know what you need now:
bio-glitter or cosmetics grade bioglitter,it’s not the same.The differences is the dyer we use is different.
Hope this topic can help you to double check the production you need.

Why some customers choose biodegradable glitter without aluminum?

Days ago,one of my customer asked me if we have biodegradable glitter without aluminum.

The answer is definitely yes,but why they prefer bio-glitter without aluminum?

Here are the answers from my customer:

I’m looking for 100% biodegradable glitter. Since aluminum is not biodegradable but rather oxidizes, I would like to not use aluminum. I know it makes glitter shiny though.

As we all know the processing of the bio-glitter,the glitter will be coated by aluminum to make it more shinny,kind of metallic lustre,that’s why we also call them metallic glitter.

(You can see the process page of our website )

If you do not prefer the aluminum for PET glitter,we will use different original film such as laser film or colourful film.Yes,that’s laser series and rainbow series.

For bio glitter,how do we to make it shinny?Laser film and colourful film are kinds of PET,can not degradable in nature,so we must use different dyer.But still not as shinny as the metallic glitter.


cosmetics glitter powder3

Why we can call our glitter cosmetics grade?

In Sep 20st,I have a customer visting our company.She is looking for cosmetics grade biodegradable glitter.

When I show her a certification from Intertek ,when the report says:

With reference to EN71-3:2013+A1:2014 on migration of
certain elements
With reference to the Notification of the German Federal
Health Office Centre up to 1996 on Toxic elements analysis
for cosmetics.

She asked:why Germany? Yes?Why Germany?

So I checked the files:

   Federal Ministry of Health (Germany), is a cabinet-level ministry of the Federal Republic of Germany which  is the highest German federal government department responsible for health.

   This organization is responsible for health including:

   European and international health policy, including the work of the Federal Government Narcotics Officer and the patients’ ombudsman.

   The most important thing is that you must pass the 19 Toxic Element Migration Test and the test result show lower than the limitation.

 Unless you pass all the requirement of Notification of the German Federal
Health Office Centre up to 1996 on Toxic elements analysis
for cosmetics,then you can call the production cosmetics grade glitter.

glitter for stationery and adhesive1

What productions we produce for you ?

What productions do your company produce?

When comes to this question,I am very glad to tell you how we help our customers.

1.Glitter powder,not only in bags,we also provide private package such as glitter in jars or in pots or in any package you want.

2.Embossing powder,also can be package like glitters,what’s more,we provide ink pad,embossing pen and embossing heat tool,as known as heat gun.

3.Pearl powder,used for cosmetics.

4.Biodegradable glitter,what?How many colours could you provide?More than 200 colours.Also we can provide cosmetics grade bio-glitter,suitable for your face and lips.


How many sizes can we choose for glitter powder?

How many sizes can we choose for glitter powder?

For glitter powder made of PET,we can provide 0.05mm(1/500’’,also 002’’)~2.5mm(1/10’’,also 0.1’’).

At least 13 sizes you can choose.

What about the price?

Usually the price of 0.2mm~2.5mm are the same,for 0.05mm-0.15mm,the price is much higher than before.


The efficient will be much lower for the cutting machine.


For glitter powder made from plants,we can provide 0.2mm(1/128’’,also 008’’)~2.5mm(1/10’’,also 0.1’’).

Why we cant cut the biodegradable glitter into smaller pieces?

This is because the cellulose of the bio-glitter is very to broke,that’s also why the price of the bio-glitter is much higher the PET glitter powder.





pink glitter

How to Tell the Difference Between good Quality and cheap glitter powder

Glitter powder is an essential part of a beautiful life, yet it’s important to know that not all of them are created equal. So how do you tell the difference between “good glitter” and “bad glitter?” The answer is both simple and complex.

pink glitter

Here’s something you need to know about glitter powder and making smart choices when it comes to incorporating them into your beautiful life.

Glitter powder makes a great contribution to our life,it’s a kind of nice decoration in the surface.We provide two kinds of glitter powder,1 kind is made of polyester with coating different colours,the other kind is made from plants.

Glitter powder is very popular among adult who loves to show their shinny life as well as the children who loves the happiness the glitter brings to them.But all glitter powder looks the same except the colors and shapes,nothing semms different,but how to choose the best quality ?

Bright color,no fading while in hot water.

heat and solvent resistance


Unbroken hexagon shape

Let’s see the progress of manufacturer.

Firstly,the high bright UV resin and high temperature are coated to keep bright of the colour.

Secondly,surface resin are used second dryer to make solidify.

Thirdly,uniform sizes are cutted by the copper-made cutting machine .

Welcome to contact fine glitter powder to get the best glitter for your lovely products.




green glitter

Our advantages of Glitter Powder

What are the advantages of our glitter powder


-More than 200 colors for you

-Can produce biodegradable glitter made from plants

-passed SGS ,MSDS,EN71-3,ASTMF963-11,ASTMD4236,REACH

-Machines imported from Germany and Japan