pink glitter

How to Tell the Difference Between good Quality and cheap glitter powder

Glitter powder is an essential part of a beautiful life, yet it’s important to know that not all of them are created equal. So how do you tell the difference between “good glitter” and “bad glitter?” The answer is both simple and complex.

pink glitter

Here’s something you need to know about glitter powder and making smart choices when it comes to incorporating them into your beautiful life.

Glitter powder makes a great contribution to our life,it’s a kind of nice decoration in the surface.We provide two kinds of glitter powder,1 kind is made of polyester with coating different colours,the other kind is made from plants.

Glitter powder is very popular among adult who loves to show their shinny life as well as the children who loves the happiness the glitter brings to them.But all glitter powder looks the same except the colors and shapes,nothing semms different,but how to choose the best quality ?

Bright color,no fading while in hot water.

heat and solvent resistance


Unbroken hexagon shape

Let’s see the progress of manufacturer.

Firstly,the high bright UV resin and high temperature are coated to keep bright of the colour.

Secondly,surface resin are used second dryer to make solidify.

Thirdly,uniform sizes are cutted by the copper-made cutting machine .

Welcome to contact fine glitter powder to get the best glitter for your lovely products.




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